Essay On Obsession In Tell-Tale Heart And The Lion King

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Thesis: With increasingly darkening imagery, Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart and Disney’s The Lion King prove that obsession eats at the heart, consumes the mind, and results in self-destruction.
Darkening imagery works hand in hand with increasing obsession in these works. Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart is able to clearly demonstrate the power of the mind and it’s ability to provoke the darkest thoughts. In The Tell-Tale Heart, the man is disturbed by the old man’s blurred eye and becomes obsessed with it. The man is a psychological mess and believes the old man’s blurred eye can see beyond what an average eye can. The man feels threatened by the old man’s thought up ability. He fears that the old man would betray him one day with the ability of his eye. The more the man becomes …show more content…

The Lion King is also able to demonstrate the power of obsession on the mind. In The Lion King, Scar becomes fixated on becoming the most powerful character and will do anything to do so, including killing his brother. As Scar warns the hyenas to be prepared for his dark action, the scenery is full of dark references such as Hitler. “The last line of Be Prepared is the most famous of the entire movie for its imagery, featuring Scar atop his raised platform and the sudden appearance of beams of light pointing skyward, an intentional copy of German designer Albert Speer’s so-called “Cathedral of Lights” featured during the Nuremberg Rallies by Hitler and the Nazi Party”(Ligon Web). In “Be Prepared” Scar sings about his desire for becoming king. “Were going to kill him, and Simba, too” (Rice Lyric). Scar is referring to the act he will soon commit, killing his brother, Mufasa. Once Scar kills his brother and becomes the new king, the African Savannah falls into total darkness. The waterhole dries, the sun does not shine, and all vegetation dies. Scar’s deep obsession leads into

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