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A look into the job of an Obstetrician-Gynecologist. As a child growing up every little girl or a boy dreams about being a princess or a professional basketball player. When a child gets older and begin school sometimes those dreams change. once a child matures their dream job Easley changes to something more realistic,such as a doctor, teacher or lawyer. Sam and dream of helping people for incense and Obstetrician-Gynecologist brings new life to families every day. Although the hours and college preparation of being an OB/GYN is hard and long,the salary and the joy brought to families everyday makes it worth it. An obstetrician-gynecologist responsibility range anywhere from delivering babies to a mastectomy. An OB/GYN is…show more content…
The job outlook is very positive, many states has had a shortage the past couple years(Greenwood). Obstetrics-gynecologist are needed in many states in the United States. This job security It another reason this is a good career choice. One factor that affects how many obstetrician are needed is birth rate(Greenwood). The more babies the more doctors that are needed. They will always be a demand of doctors. Marilyn Turvey said she “loved bringing new life into the worlds and the teamwork the most.” In this career field you are helping someone every single day, usually about 10-20 people a day. Teamwork is a big part in any hospital related job. Marilyn Turvey described the ideal characteristics as “empathic, sensitivity, good coping skills, problems solvers.” A big charactericteristic is empathy, which means one ability to understand and help others. In the healthcare field the young doctor will have to deal with a lot of lost and heartache so sensitivity is a good quality to have. Since they sadly have to deal with losing patients they need good coping skills. In the healthcare field they may face illnesses that they will have to research to find the best medical outcome, therefore problem solving skills is also a good
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