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There are many economic benefits provided by the work, and the benefits possible that pose a threat to the profession of health and safety These thoughts include, but do not depend on the physical risks but have losses and compensation for each of the affected work, reasons, the most common Causes of occupational deaths associated Lightning accidents and electrical machinery and the fall of the bodies, car accidents, murders and many of them. A study in 2003 demonstrated that 41% of accidents are Caused occupational accidents Some have fires, explosion, or environmental or chemical and some of the factors of occupational accidents caused by abuse in the workplace. As I mentioned a little while ago that many of the causes of occupational accidents;…show more content…
There are 6,300 people die from occupational accidents, which account for about more than 2.3 million deaths each year. (Phrase during work) mean that they process within the profession or work or participate in some economic activity to take actions work of the organization or business of the employer. Occupational accidents not only at work but also be possible that a person is going to work in the morning and had suffered an accident and resulting in severe injuries, this is one of the occupational accidents. For example, more vulnerable workers in some industries to workplace hazards compared with other industries such as the construction sector. During 2011 and 2012, the construction industry had the highest proportion of work-related injuries by 51% fall which led to the death of (HSE, 2013). Noise also is one of the causes of occupational accidents are caused hearing loss or permanent headaches, Maximum temperature also cause a risk to workers can lead to fatigue, dizziness, cramps and heat strokes. Cold and harsh conditions also lead to swelling of the fingers, hypothermia and

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