Essay On Occupational Optometry

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Health (life) straddles between the period from the womb to the tomb. The journey of health can be smooth or rough depending on the core structure (DNA), growth, sustenance through the food consumed and other environmental factors. Health is not just the absence of any disease, it is a state of physical, mental, and social wellbeing (W.H.O) – in other words, being fighting fit. The spectrum of health and disease are as old as humanity. Right from the day the human beings appeared on the Earth, they have been fighting for survival, interacting with the glory and fury – ups and downs – of nature. Over eons and ages, we have to some extent, been able to curb nature’s grip on us, but the man-made adversities, in the name of development, have directly and indirectly nullified the gains. The spectrum of the gain and loss is somewhat lopsided globally. Many communicable diseases have been controlled, our longevity has increased, but, there is no escape form the self-created adventurous developments taking a toll on the health of humans today…show more content…
The simple answer runs, ‘because we have not yet learned to make use of it’” – Dr. P.P. Santanam (adapted from Albert Einstein) Optometry, is a vision science and optometrists are health care professionals, involved in the technology of diagnosing and prescribing appropriate treatment/intervention for vision related eye problems. Work, in a sense, is a series of purposeful and coordinated motor activities intended to culminate in a desired result. Any ‘work’ or ‘task’ gives sensory inputs – visual, sound, touch and smell etc. to the brain, which analyses and processes the information received and in turn sends impulses to the concerned muscles to act. Visual inputs form 80% of total sensory inputs and thus becomes important to carry out work effectively and

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