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Occupational Therapist
“I have seen firsthand the difference that we can make helping individuals return to important occupations” –Gregory S. Seymour. Occupational therapists choose direct therapy activities to help disabled patients become as independent as possible in their homes and workplaces. They use a wide range of equipment and at times, must be creative. Even though you face many years of school, becoming an occupational therapist will benefit you with many rewards. In order to be an occupational therapist, one must take college preparatory classes in high school because a college degree is needed. One must obtain at least a master’s degree. As an undergraduate, courses will include studies in biological and behavioral sciences. The classes will focus on anatomy, physiology, and neurology. Classes mainly focus on phycology, though (Hawkins). Many bachelor degree
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Occupational therapists explore the patient’s likes and dislikes and this helps them plan treatments. Occupational therapists work with injuries as small as a broken finger to situations as big as a stroke patient. Occupational Therapist’s duties many include supervising volunteer workers, student, or assistants. They may also teach them and give instructions to students. Many occupational therapists have duties such as directing different kinds of occupational therapy programs for students who wish become an occupational therapist. According to the United States Department of Labor, median salaries for occupational therapists were was 78,810 in 2014 (Occupational Therapists). With more experience, the salary will increase. Salaries also depends on where you are employed. For example, if the cost of living is higher in a certain area, occupational therapists generally receive higher pay. Occupational therapists employed by a public school earn their salary based on the school district they are employed

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