Potential Use Of Big Data In Ocean Pollution Analysis

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Big Data in Ocean Pollution Analysis Abstract Ocean pollution analysis is entering into big data era with the exponential growth of information technology and increase in the possible sources of ocean water contaminant as well as advancement in ocean observation techniques. The data collected by the various ocean observation and water analysis platforms answer a range of important research question which are crucial in reducing ocean pollution. Given the huge and diverse types of data, sustained measurement and the potential use of the collected data, ocean pollution can be analyze by big data theory. Marine pollution occurs when chemicals, particles, residual agricultural wastes, residential waste and invasive organisms find their way into ocean either through land run off or through point source into the water sources. Collect the data from the ocean, and then using them to analyze the ocean environment and forecasting how the ocean ecology being change. Now, many countries are using this way to product marine organism and ocean…show more content…
Marine pollution such as presence of organic matter in the ocean can result in the condition known as hypoxia or oxygen depletion and this can have adverse effect on the marine life including plant and animals and fish. Death of these fish can result in loss of millions of US dollars that are generate from the fishing industry. Marine pollution can also result in presence of foul smell resulting from the decomposing sewage being directed to the ocean and this has the effects to hinder recreational activities taking place in the sea as well as cause discomfort and breathing problem to the surrounding population (Laura, 11).marine pollution can also result in danger to human health. The human swimmers and water sport lovers can become endangered by swimming in the polluted marine waters (Laura,
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