Odour In Vagina

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What does the odour from a vagina signify? Is it normal?

Many women wonder what their vagina should smell like, they think something is wrong with it if it gives out a discharge. A mild odour in a vaginal is considered normal, as is a small amount of discharge, typically clear, white or yellow and can be watery sticky or clumpy. Vaginal discharge is a way for the vagina to self clean and as long as the fluid does not have a fishy smell, sometimes accompanied by an itch in the labial region, it should be reasonably healthy. Many women spend a lot of time worrying not about what their vagina should look like, but what it should smell like. A mild odour is normal, as is a regular amount of vaginal discharge. Normal discharge is typically clear,
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How does a woman’s menstrual cycle works
Menstruation is something that every healthy fertile woman goes through every month of her life after puberty till menopause, when she is no longer able to produce children or the chances are highly improbable if not impossible. The menstrual cycle is the process by which eggs are made available for fertilization. It involves various glands such as the ovary, pituitary glands and the hypothalamus and tends to have an average cycle of 28 days. But this duration can often vary based on the individual.
The menstrual cycle can be divided approximately into two halves based on the type of process it undergoes:
1. Follicular Phase: This is the phase when the eggs that are housed in the follicles of ovaries develop and mature, along with that the uterus starts building up a lining filled with blood vessels (with the help of hormones such as LH, FSH and estrogen) to help accommodate the eggs when and if it is fertilized and attaches to the lining. At the stage that is approximately half way through the menstrual cycle, when the egg is sufficiently mature an increase in LH and FSH occurs which causes the ovaries to release the egg. This is the ovulation stage which is the time that a female has the highest chance of getting
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During this time the reproductive system has already started the process of stimulating and maturing the next set of follicles. A number of follicles develop at a time and start secreting oestrogen, but after a certain stage the follicle that is the first to develop secrets the most amount of oestrogen, which suppresses the growth in the other follicles and this follicle is the one that develops the new egg in its cavity (antrum) along with a consecutive rise in oestrogen levels. The rising oestrogen levels stimulate the growth of the uterus lining and the process of menstruation starts all over again, until the woman gets
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