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Odysseus embodies the traits of an epic hero because he is a great warrior, is a noble birth, does good deeds, faces evil, has humility, traveled many places, and is a national hero. First, Ody shows he is an epic hero through his noble birth. He was born to be the King of Ithaca, loved by all. This showed he was an epic hero because he was not a commoner, but had a high place in society. Along with being the King of Ithaca, Ody was a great warrior in the Battle of Troy. Ody showed he was a smart ruler by using the Trojan Horse to win the war that lasted 10 years. This proved that Ody was an epic hero because he went away, went into combat, and fought for his homeland. Ody was considered a national hero for fighting this war. He proved he was a good leader and earned the respect from his people in Ithaca.…show more content…
As well as fighting for Ithaca as a good deed, Ody did many more and went above and beyond to fulfill these deeds. For example, Ody risked his own life to save his men from Circe. He did not know what he would be coming face to face with, but from what Eurylochus had told Ody and the crew as he ran back, it was a terrible sight and he could barely tell it because he was so frightened. This proved that Ody was an epic hero because Ody was going to stop at nothing to save his crew, no matter what challenge he was about to face. As Ody tried to make it home, he had to travel to many different places until he could finally reach Itaca. From Troy all the way to his return to Ithaca, Ody had reached about 15 different places in that 20 year time period. Ody proved he was an epic hero because he did not stay in one place throughout the books, but instead ventured off to other places. In all those places Ody traveled, he faced many

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