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"Leadership flourishes with innovation, intelligence, vision, honesty and doing the right things"(Anil Sinha). Mr. Sinha stated that to be a good leader, a person should contain intelligence, imagination and honesty, and should do things in a right way. In the video "Odysseus and the Cyclops" and The Cyclops which is written by Homer from the Close Reader, both talked about a Greek mythology. In the text, the main character called Odysseus, he leaded his crews to a secret island. In the island they met a monster in a cave called Cyclops and have a fight. Odysseus used lots of good ideas to used manpower killed Cyclops. At the end of the story, Odysseus lead his crews successfully get out of the island. Subsequently in the video, the basic plots are similar but have some different details. Like the end of the video, Odysseus got kill by Cyclops’s father. Otherwise than both medias showed that Odysseus has strong intelligence, strategy, and leadership during the escape. Odysseus is the symbol of intelligent in the story. He considered more perfectly and thoughtful than his colleagues. Both text and video demon that Odysseus and his crews were going to landed on a secret island and find out the truth of it, but they accidentally got attract into a monster's cave and got beset with crisis. Although …show more content…

Notwithstanding that Odysseus still have a weakness which is proud. However his still have meritorious abilities to be a hero and a leader. Odysseus’s discernment, scheme, and authority help himself and his men united as one and escaped from death. Although Odysseus saw his crews keep dying in his own eyes, but he didn't get crazy or give up, because he knew that there are still men behind him and followed him. This reminds me a quote which wrote by Ronald Reagen stated that, “There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder,”(Ronald

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