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The qualities that heroes should have are smarts so they can get out of tough situations such as if the villain traps them in a bind. The other thing they need to be cunning to use their skills to escape or evade their enemies. They should be fearless because if they're not fearless they might die because they would freeze up from the fear. Also they need to be strong physically and mentally if they're not strong they couldn't get out of difficult situations. Odysseus is not a typical hero because he’s unfaithful to his wife, he’s arrogant, and he puts his crew in terrible situations where most of them will die, though he still has all the qualities a hero should possess.

When Odysseus was unfaithful to his wife Penelope he was sleeping with many women he came across. So after Troy he traveled from island to island he slept with Circe who tried to kill him and Calypso who trapped him on her island to live with her forever.

Whenever Odysseus gets into tough situations his arrogance comes
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When Polyphemus ask for Odysseus name he said “my name is nobody” (pg. 101). This shows Odysseus’s cunning when the other Cyclopes came to check on Polyphemus he screamed out “nobody's trying to kill me” when they asked “are you alright?” Odysseus outsmarts Polyphemus because he shows how he problem solves and works around the situations he gets into throughout the book. The reason Odysseus is fearless is because he never freezes up or gets frightened from monsters he encounters on his journey, he might get a little rattled but he never is scared. The strengths of Odysseus are his mental strength and his physical strength, this is shown when he strings the bow in front of all the suitors and he's kind of showboating when he's at the games, he throws the biggest and heaviest disk the farthest. This shows all the qualities of Odysseus throughout the

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