Essay On Odysseus Is Not A Hero

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What does a hero mean to you? A hero is an ordinary person facing extraordinary circumstances and acting with courage, honor, and self - sacrifice. In this paper, I will explain three ways that Odysseus was a hero and three ways that Odysseus was not a hero. 2 MORE SENTENCES First, Odysseus was a hero because he overcomes extreme dangers, such as Odysseus encountering the Cyclops. The Cyclops could have woke up at any time, but still yet Odysseus had put his life in danger. Odysseus and his men had became trapped in Polyphemus cave. Odysseus had told the giant that his name is “nobody”. Though Polyphemus tried to eat his men, Odysseus still found a way to get out of their safely. Secondly, Odysseus was a hero because he was a clever man, who had brilliant ideas. Odysseus was a clever man because he had came up with the idea of a Wooden Horse.…show more content…
During those 10 years he faced Scylla and Charybdis. He also faced all of his men dying off from tragic incidents. He survived horrible incidents while his men did not survive them. Then last but not least he went to hell and back. I have just explained to you how Odysseus was a hero now I am going to tell you how he was not a hero. First, Odysseus was not a hero because he was cold hearted and a selfish man. He basically did anything that he could to get home. He had killed many people. 1 SENTENCE HERE. He only cared about himself and no one else, not even his own men. Second, Odysseus was not a hero because he had unfairly fought to win. He got some of his men killed trying to win the war. He had also set the city on fire just to win. He was also unfair to his wife, with all of the affairs he had with other women. 1 SENTENCE
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