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Repainting your own office furniture offers an affordable alternative that allows you the freedom to find your perfect colour and style.
Office furniture comes in a variety of materials. Common materials include laminate for bookshelves, drawers and cabinets, metal for chairs, cabinets and stands, and timber for desks, shelves and sturdy items. If you want to repaint your office furniture, it is important to remember that each material has its own specifications and requirements for a quality paint job.
Repainting furniture is not as hard as it sounds. The important thing is to make sure it is properly cleaned and sanded before starting and that each layer is thoroughly dry before doing the next. There is
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Primer blocks and seals the laminate from moisture and damage, and provides a rougher, porous surface for your paint to adhere to.
Wooden furniture is more porous than laminate and will require less primer if properly sanded.
For metal furniture, use a specific metal primer or rust-retardant primer.
Paint the entire surface with your choice of primer, using a roller brush and a paintbrush for corners and hard to reach areas.
Top tip: remember that when painting furniture, primer can take up to a week to dry completely.
Step 5: Paint
Choose a satin or gloss finish for your laminate and wooden furniture, especially if it gets a lot of use around the office. This will help protect against scratches and aging as well as make cleaning much easier. Use a roller paintbrush for smooth, consistent layers and get to the corners and hard to reach places with a normal paintbrush. Alternatively, why not consider spray-painting your furniture instead?
For metal furniture, use a spray enamel or general purpose spray paint. Remember that metal paints can take up to three days to dry.
Top tip: paint at least three layers of paint. If you disassembled your furniture before painting, save the last coat for after it’s reassembled to cover up any

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