Oklahoma Darkest Day

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One of the Darkest Days in Oklahoma On April 19, 1995, one of the deadliest attacks on our nation happened in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The attack happened on the Alfred P. Murrah Building at approximately 9:00 A.M. A Ryder rental truck that was parked in the front of the nine-story building in downtown Oklahoma City caused the explosion. Americans all over were stunned when they heard of the attack and could not believe who or why anyone could do this horrific action. Just three days after the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Building, an eyewitness description led the authorities to charge Timothy McVeigh, a former U.S. Army soldier, in the case. It turns out, McVeigh was already in jail after being stopped for a traffic violation and then…show more content…
When the bomb detonated at 9:02, Rogers was thrown backward onto the floor with a desk and other office items landing around her. When she looked up, every one of her eight colleagues that was in the room with her had vanished. She started hollering, “Where are you guys? Where are you guys?” In the next few moments, before car and building alarms triggered by the bomb began to howl, before the sirens of the police cars and fire engines, and before the cries of the trapped and injured rang out, Rogers experienced an “eerie…show more content…
She wondered why she could see daylight where walls and ceilings should have been. In addition, later, after being helped to safety, she would wonder at the miracle of her own survival on a day when so many perished.” (“Oklahoma City Bombing-20 Years Later” 2) Florence Rogers felt her duty was to help people to never forget. She was the former head of the credit union. She was the only one out of nine women total in her office that had survived even though they were just a few feet away from her. Rogers tells her story in a way to honor the dead and to make sure that people will remember the good that came from the bombing as well as the terrible disaster. She believes that God was just not ready for her that day and that he left her for a purpose. One of the many important lessons she learned from that day was just how short life really can be.
“My advice is, don’t ever miss an opportunity to tell those that you love that you love them, because you never know when you might not come home from that ordinary day.” (“Oklahoma City Bombing- 20 Years Later”
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