Essay On Olympic Debt

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Olympic, so called the festival of Earth is an international sporting competition, total 206 nations and 10,000 players participated. Recent Olympic game was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, unfortunately this game assesses as the worst Olympic. Most of the stadium that was built for the game is not in available condition anymore, because Brazil could not provide care and money to maintain these stadiums due to the internal situation of Brazil. By thoughtless development nature of the land is getting damaged by abandoned building. The next Olympic game will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and I am going to estimate about the waste of infrastructures, development and money, also the environmental damage through the wastes. During…show more content…
In reality, so called “Olympic debt” are destroying recent Olympic-held cities, especially Rio, Brazil, Sochi, Russia, and Athens, Greece. The overall developed systems could be too much for the city to maintain the system. If the city fails to grow bigger, and people don’t gather as much as the city planned, all the money for the development is literally wasted. All the stadiums, accommodations, roads, transportation systems would be empty. For more detailed examples, Rio Olympic is assessed as the worst Olympic because of these reasons. Rio cannot maintain and control the social system, and the debt of the Rio became around 100 billion dollars after Olympic. Better example to compare with Pyeonchang would be the case of Sochi, Russia. Sochi is a beautiful small town in Russia with nice weather. However, this city is now sitting on huge debts from the Olympic. 2014 Sochi winter Olympic game costs $55billion not $12billion, costs that they set for the bid. However, the annual revenue is $1.2 billion, which is not good enough to cover the costs that they had spent for the Olympic. Also by the environmental aspect, plain fields are abandoned with no man’s apartment. These apartments had failed to be sold, and neglected with no one living. Environmentally, this lands needs another pack of money to get rid of the building and
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