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Ancient Olympic Games, were used to be made as a thanks to gods in Olympia which is made every four years at the sanctuary of Zeus. First it was a religious event but then it starts to become a sport event. Games featured mostly atheletic but there were some combot sports such as wrestling and the horse racing events. According to a legend Zeus ‘ s son Heracles built the Olympic Stadium as a honor to Zeus. We accept the first Olympiv Game is at 776 BC. By that time as i mentioned before it was just a religious event. They did not have a goal of doing sports. They thought that good things would happen if they sweat and waste afford for their god Zeus. And the tought that the winners would be blessed by Zeus. The first Olympic Champion was Coreobus, who is a cook from the
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It is named as Aquatics in the sports in Olympic Games. It is played in a pool which cause to make it an summer sport. It is played in a 33 metres; 25 metres pool but it’s not consistent as the age group change the length of the pool changes too. It has a 4 sized ball for woman and 5 sized ball for men. In waterpolo each team has 6 players an done goalie on their sides. And at their benches there are 6 more extra people to join the game when the players injuried, got tired or suspended. This six men stock is a maximum number, teams can have less then it. ANd at the bench there is a tecnic director to control the players. Waterpolo was first started to play in 1900 Olympic Games named as second games. In 2000 Summer Olympics Women Waterpolo Tournaments has started too. The most recognasible match in waterpolo history is in 1956 Summer Olympics. It was a semi-final match netween Hungary and Soviet Union. It was named as blood in the water match. Refrees finished match as the players and partials started to punch each other. In 2012 London Olympic Games, Croatia was the winner of the last played waterpolo
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