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Fans scream as the final minutes countdown with seconds left during, the power play and the score is tied 5 to 5. This is Men’s Ice Hockey and it is one of the top Winter Olympic sports in today’s Olympics. The basics of Olympic Ice Hockey are history about each Olympic Ice Hockey Games, ruling, and history of the sport.
To help understand Olympic Ice Hockey you have to know the history of each of the past Olympic Games Ice Hockey. The debut of Olympic Ice Hockey was in 1920 when the men's had the first Olympic Ice Hockey Tournament. The Olympic Games at Antwerp was the start of a sport that has been played ever since, Ice Hockey. (“Hockey 101”).
At the 1920 Antwerp Olympic Games, Canada beat the United States two-zero to take gold. The tournaments
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Moritz. This years Ice Hockey tournament was big because a controversy appeared when two U.S. teams showed up to play. The IIHF decided to let the American Hockey Association squad participate instead of Amateur Athletic Union team. From all this controversy, neither teams were allowed to play but IIHF president to let one team play. Once the tournament started, it was the same results as years past, Canada easily destroying everyone in their path to take gold for the 5th time in six Olympic Winter Games. (“Hockey 101”).
During the 1950s there were 2 Winter Olympic Games. The first Winter Olympic was the 1952 Winter Olympic Games at Oslo, Norway. Canada’s dominance continued over Ice Hockey by scoring a total of 403 goals throughout the tournament taking gold with ease just like years past. 1956 Cortina is the Soviet Union’s first appearance in Olympic Ice Hockey and this marks the start of their dominance over it. The Soviet Union destroys everyone, including Canada. (“Hockey
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But when the work pays off for the team who wins the gold medal, there is nothing better. Ice Hockey is by far the best type of Hockey in the Olympic Games. PyeongChang will be the U.S year to
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