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Online Dating Is a Waste of Time Internet is a place that people can meet with each other and communicate whether they are in the same location or in different locations. Also, the internet has helped us to engage online. There are many useful things about the internet, but it is a waste of time when it comes to the online dating sites. There are many people who are dating online at the moment, but generally, the accepted fact say that most of the people who are dating online are facing many issues which is their relationship will not last longer. Because of that, many people believe that online dating has spread widely throughout the world, but online dating can lead to a poor time management and it is a waste of time because of many reasons such as trust issues…show more content…
Online dating sites have increased and are still increasing because of many things. First, many people think that by walking to a stranger man or a women, they make an awkward situation when asking him or her for a mobile number, so they think that it is better to just ask people to add them on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Second, most of the teenagers feel shy when they talk with a boy or a girl, so they prefer to talk to them by using via social sites. Finally, the online dating sites simply save our time. According to Günter Hitsch, “Online dating takes place in a new market environment that has become a common means to find a date or a marriage partner" (130). In the past few years, online dating sites have become more popular, and a lot of people from several ages started using them. Also, a lot of people nowadays start using online dating sites and take them seriously to find the partner. In addition, the majority of people think that online dating is a good way to communicate with others. Because of that, online dating has increased and it is still increasing day by

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