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About 50.7 million students go to a public school rather than doing online school. On online learning you get to sit at home all day, but studies show that it isn't healthy to stay at home all day. Public schools you get more freedom than just sitting all day looking at a computer screen. Although online education gives kids more self-motivation and flexibility this type of schooling does not benefit a students learning because of the lack of face to face support, limited curriculum choices, and minimal social interaction.
Some people might say that online education is the same as in school communication; however it has no face to face support. According to research ¨Seeing and interacting with your instructors on a regular basis can be motivating
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Experts claim ¨Fields that require hands-on training or use of specialized equipment may fall into this category¨ (Online Classes vs. Traditional Classes: Pros and Cons, My College Guide). This means that hands on subjects for example, ceramics, wood working, or physical education not the curriculum subjects. This is important because it teaches students a new way of education and gets kids to move around. Yes, at home you can do something active on your free time, but a lot kids usually sit on their phones during their free time. In addition, ¨Some subjects don’t lend themselves to an online format¨ (Online Classes vs. Traditional Classes: Pros and Cons, My College Guide). According to research, people who do online say that there is lessons on the computer is the same as in school. There is mostly only math, english, science, social studies, etc. This is important because kids these days can not sit in their rooms all day, they need to do physical activities. For example, recess they get to run around and get some exercise. Being active is great for you health, even when your young. Online learning does mostly have all syllabuses, but in traditional learning it has more creative and different education for
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