Essay On Online Learning Environment

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Ruvie Nunez
English Placement Essay
June 8, 2015
An Online Learning Environment Online learning environment can be as good as traditional classrooms depending on the student. As long as students are able to keep up with their work as they would in traditional class, then online schooling can be very beneficial. Classes online can be more convenient to those who have busy schedules or live to far from a campus. Online classes can be a great source for learning because it helps students learn on their own pace, helps those who have bigger responsibility but still want an education, and it is a lot cheaper. Working on their own pace is better for those who tend to always be faster than class or for those who gets left behind in a subject. Online class gives more time to study because there is no need to commute to a class when all you have to do is turn on computer or any type of device that can communicate with their teacher. It is easier to communicate with a teacher in case one needs help with something for example if you have a problem with a question you can simply just call them over
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This is a great option for those who already have a time commitment with family and work. Working adults and stay-home parents that look for further their education tend to sign up for online education as a resourceful tool to have better learning environment that they can work around with busy schedules and social responsibility. Traditional classes require a fixed environment for learning and teaching. This restricts the number of students that can study a certain subject at the same time and depending on the size of the class it can also restrict students for taking the classes they actually want. Online classes will always work around a student’s schedule. It allows them to log in to their online course at a time that works best for them as opposed to having to attend a class at a specific
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