Essay On Online Shopping And Traditional Shopping

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Compare/contrast shopping online with traditional shopping
Do you love shopping? According to; shopping is the process of browsing and/or purchasing items in exchange for money. Traditionally, people shopped by physically visiting stores and malls; however, with advancement in technology, shopping has become easier via the internet. This new advancement permits shoppers to attain items without exiting their home or office. Given the circumstances of the consumer, traditional shopping and online shopping are both considered convenient ways to shop. Traditional shopping is mostly suitable for persons who devote their leisure time outside the home, while online shopping is convenient for individuals who employ most of their time at home or in the office. Interestingly enough, both traditional and online shopping carry diverse advantages and disadvantages over each other.

Traditional shopping involves physically entering the store, browsing through the items on shelves and racks and selecting the desired item they wish to obtain. By doing this, customers have the benefit of trying the product before making an actual purchase and is confident and content with the product. For example; customers looking to buy a
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When you buy your product in-store you receive it at the same time and can enjoy it immediately. Sadly, online purchases lacks that immediate effect and your product takes a week to a month or even a year. I had an experience where the item showed up a year later and I had completely forgotten about it. With traditional shopping you are confident about receiving your product while online shopping is a risky transaction and there is no assurance. Despite the fact that online shopping allows you to track the product there are things that can delay the process of shipping the product, in return, the product takes a longer period to

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