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Evidence Open Ended Questions
Some of the many benefits of an open ended question are that it allows an infinite number of possible answers, collects more detail, it allows the person to learn something they didn 't expect to know, get adequate answers to complex issues, it encourages creative answers and self expression, and gives the person an understanding of how the respondents thinks. According to the transcript provided in this case study, there are relatively few occurrences in which open ended questions were used for eliciting useful information. This is expected to a limited extent of the work culture that the call center manager, Thomas has imposed in his location. The first situation where evidence of an open ended question was demonstrated
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Kareem was very clear that he did not want any special treatments or draw attention in his workplace due to his Muslim practices. As mentioned earlier the main individual with whom he imparted his practices to be his colleague Kathy, whom he turned out to have a great rapport with. Some of Kareem’s actions did not help his situation, although he didn 't want to draw attention he unintentionally was. For example, if Kareem would have taken the opportunity to share with Janet his Muslim practices when she asked him where he was going, there is a chance the speculations could have been avoided. Kareem did become aware that his coworkers and leadership team were observing him and didn 't understand the reason to why he was leaving his desk. Granted, Kareem was not obligated to share his religious beliefs or practices with anyone, but if he would have done so, than the perception of him being unprofessional would have not taken place. Kareem could have shared his concerns around getting special treatment, and that he was trying to be discrete to not disrupt his peers or create an uncomfortable work
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