Essay On Operation Valkyrie

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In World War II Hitler was hated by many people. These people were Jews and even some of his fellow Germans. During World War II Hitler was seen as an huge enemy to a group of men. Because of their hate for Hitler, together they made a plan to assassinate Hitler for the good of germany. This plan was called Operation Valkyrie. Claus Schenk Count von Stauffenberg was the most known member of Operation Valkyrie. He was a German Army Military Officer who thought that Hitler was crazy. He also thought that even if Germany won World War II Hitler would not be able to take care of the country. He was not the only one who thought this. “He was joined by Wilhelm Canaris,Carl Goerdeler, Julius Leber, Ulrich Hassell,Hans Oster, Peter von Wartenburg, Henning von Tresckow, Friedrich Olbricht, Werner von Haeften, Fabian Schlabrendorft, Ludwig Beck and Erwin von Witzleben,” and a few others(Jewish Virtual Library). This group created many dates for the assassination, but it was only able to be executed one time. The original Operation Valkyrie plan was to assassinate Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and Hermann Goering. “Afterward, they planned for troops in Berlin to seize key government buildings, telephone and signal centers and radio stations. Hitler 's death was required to free German soldiers from their oath of…show more content…
The second, and final, attempt was made by Claus Schenk Count von Stauffenberg. Stauffenberg was attending a meeting that Hitler was attending as well. With him, Stauffenberg carried a suitcase with a bomb inside. “Stauffenberg, who had never met Hitler before, carried the bomb in a briefcase and placed it on the floor while he left to make a phone-call,” (Jewish Virtual Library). When the bomb exploded 4 of the men died, but Hitler was not one of them. Stauffenberg escaped to Berlin to execute the rest of the plan, but was crushed to hear the bomb had only injured his right
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