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Introduction: • One of the fundamental objectives of operative dentistry is to preserve the health of a dental pulp. • Pulp is a soft tissue that occupies the pulp chamber, and is dependent on the normal hard dentin for protection. • Various restorative materials and dental procedures can irritate pulp. • To protect the pulp from different irritants, various pulp defensive agents are being used. Pulpal Irritants: If leakage of chemical irritants from biomaterials or microorganisms (bacteria) occurs This cause irritation to the pulp Various types of irritants: • Bacterial irritants: Is the most common cause for pulpal irritation and their products which may enter the pulp by: • Accidental exposure • Fracture • Caries • Periodontal…show more content…
Clinical technique: • If tooth is grossly decayed band the tooth • Anesthetize the tooth • To isolate the tooth apply the rubber dam • Remove soft caries either with spoon excavator or round bur • To avoid exposure a thin layer of dentin and some amount of caries is left • On the exposed dentin calcium hydroxide paste is placed • Cover the calcium hydroxide with zinc oxide eugenol base217 • Amalgam restoration should be given, If restoration is to be given for a longer time • Tooth should be evaluated after 6 to 8 weeks • After 2 to 3 months, remove the cement and evaluate the tooth preparation. If due to remineralization and/or formation of secondary dentin, the soft dentin has become hard, then remove any residual soft debris and then finally give protective cement base and place the permanent restorative material Direct pulp capping: • Direct pulp capping technique includes the placement of biocompatible material over the site of pulp exposure to keep up the vitality and advance healing. • At the point when a little mechanical exposure of pulp happens during tooth preparation or following an injury, an appropriate protective base ought to be set in contact with the uncovered pulp tissue so as to maintain the vitality of the remaining pulp

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