Essay On Oppression Of Women In Margaret Atwood

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Imagine living in a society where oppression is used in everyday culture. In the novel THE HANDMAID’S TALE, author Margaret Atwood portrays a very different world, one that keeps the reader thinking about this strange lifestyle throughout the entire book . The female gender faces massive obstacles in which all power is taken away from women and left in a male dominated power. Oppression of women is seen throughout the novel, women in this novel are forbidden to read and write, each and every woman are obligated to wear a uniform according to their position in the novel, and sexual intercors is only acceptable if its done for reproductive purpose. The main character of this novel offred can’t ignore to feel trapped. The character of moira and offred shows that living in Gilead’s tale society leads to oppression of women. Unfortunately women in the novel had all their rights taken away. In this dystopian society any type of reading and writing were not in women 's power. The bible was included, even though its mention that every household owns one, it’s kept locked with a key. Pens and paper are as well not in womens disposal. During one of offred 's reunions with the commander, she shows her despair for reading be saying “On these occasions I read quickly voraciously, almost skimming, trying to get as much into my head as possible before the next long starvation” (184)Margaret Atwood. The commander gives offred a magazine of her choice to read since ones her section is
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