Essay On Optic Nerve Glioma

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It 's always something when you are dealing with cancer. Imagine living your whole life thinking you were normal, like all the other kids. You played freely on the playground; thinking to yourself nothing bad would ever happen to you because you were healthy. Then one day, the ground decides to cave in on itself. You didn 't have the power to climb out, so you fell in, while the other children ran off happily. You stayed inside a dark hole while everyone else was living their life normally. You were alone trying to fight your way out of this 18 feet deep hole. You try and try to climb the dirt walls, but all you got was more and more dirt falling onto you. Over time, you clawed the walls so much that the dirt was up to your neck.. Any day, the remaining dirt could fall on you and…show more content…
I was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Glioma. It is a tumor in the brain specifically near the optic chiasm. I have been fighting cancer for almost 18 years of my life. When I had my first chemotherapy, I lost my hair. I was sad because a lot of kids used to bully me. I was ashamed of myself. Not to mention, it got worse in 3rd grade because I took shots to stop my hormones. Every time I took the shot, I had to limp because it was very painful to walk.. When the class went somewhere, I was in the back, limping. Not only was I the last person in line, but I got bullied for limping all the time. . I thought it couldn 't get worse because I felt like I was at the lowest point of my life, and I was wrong. As I got older, my growth started to decline, 4 feet 3 inches. I thought it wasn 't bad to be short, but I realized that children start to get meaner when you are older. It made me feel so insecure about myself. The bullying gotten worse because I got bullied for being so small compared to others. This didn’t stop because I can’t just change my height if I could change my height, I would. However, I wasn’t angry at them because most of the kids didn 't know I had cancer, so they didn 't
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