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Optimism is defined as the tendency or disposition to look on the more favourable sites of events or conditions and to expect the most favourable outcome. Optimists expect good things to happen to them (Carver, Scheier & Segerstrom, 2010). Thus, optimism focuses on expectancies for the future. Optimism is a trait by which it is relatively stable over time. The trait of optimism is heritable but environmental factors in childhood play a role as well (Carver, et. al., 2010). In particular, the presence of parental warmth and financial security is a predictor of optimism later in life. The anticipation of good things happening leads to more favourable behaviour and has a positive impact on people’s lives (Carver, et. al., 2010). This is because optimists confront problems in a more healthy way, they cope better with adversity and they have different resources, both social and socioeconomic. Optimism has an influence on the feelings of people when they come across problems. Because optimistic people expect good…show more content…
Being optimistic also leads to better social resources and broader social networks. Social networks are important because they influence well-being. On the other hand larger social networks result in an increase in optimism. In return, optimistic people receive greater social support. The Best Possible Self (BPS) is a positive future thinking technique created by King to induce optimism (King, 2001). The BPS is effective in increasing positive affect and future expectancies and in decreasing negative emotions and future expectancies and hereby inducing optimism (Peters, Flink, Boersma & Linton, 2010). It consists of a writing and visualisation exercise where people have to think and write about their best possible

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