Essay On Oral Culture

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Orality is the communication rather a verbal expression that is primarily used by communities unfamiliar with the prevailing modern literate culture. The study of orality goes hand in hand with the oral customs, traditions and norms. It has wider connotations affecting every part of the society, whether it be economics, politics, human behaviour, development and evolution. The culture of oral expressions covers a vast list of proverbs, riddles, tales, nursery rhymes, legends, myths, songs and chants. These everyday trite expressions help to perpetuate old societies, they play a vital role in preserving cultural norms and traditions. In this modern era the concept of oral culture or orality is fading as we are stepping into a more literate…show more content…
They are integral to all understanding and memory. In a literate society, the words have been once evacuated by the representation of composing dialect; they are presently letters on a page. The sounds and activities are lost and the translation of dialect gets to be more private and individualistic. In a literate culture words are much more immersed than that of the oral culture. To give a profound elaboration of what exactly an oral culture is and how is it different from the one prevailing in the rest of the world, I will be taking an espousal of a sheltered ethnic group from Peoples Republic of China i.e. The Derung People. The Derung also known as Drung or Dulong individuals are an ethnic gathering. They structure one of the 56 ethnic gatherings formally acknowledged by the People's Republic of China. Their populace of 6,000 is found in the Nujiang Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan territory, in the Dulong valley. An alternate 600 could be discovered east of the Dulong valley, living in the mountains over the Nu Jiang (Salween River) close to the town of Binzhongluo in Northern Gongshon County It is one of the China's least known ethnic gathering, the Derung individuals primarily live near the Derung River Valley, a range encased by
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