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The purpose of this study is to investigate the activities, tasks and the methods to promote students’ oral skills. In teaching, people who know a language are referred to as “speakers of that language so of all the four skills ( listening, speaking, reading and writing) speaking seems an important component of language classes. Speaking skill is important because it is basic for communication. There are many theories about language teaching but when it comes to practice, some teachers can’t decide the types of activities or tasks that are applicable for their learners. My motivation to study this topic is to help teachers to use communicative activities in classroom teachings. My purpose is to enable young adult learners to acquire communicative ability using the techniques that will be handled in the writing.
This study has two objectives. First is to provide various communicate language teachings to help teachers in terms of broadening their teaching techniques. Second is to explain how to apply these techniques, activities and tasks effectively in the classroom environment.
In this study, I intend to write the characteristics of activities and rationale for the techniques that are used to promote learners’ oral skill. Throughout the writing, I will talk about the strategies, problems with
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Teachers should monitor the functions and outcomes of the tasks. In addition, when teachers test the oral proficiency, we can see two groups of teachers. First is in favour of oral testing, the other against. In my opinion, when teachers have an oral proficiency test, it will have a backwash effect. According to Ur ( 1996), oral testing is worth the investment but inter-rater reliability may be a problem when testing the oral proficiency. In addition, learners should be given chance to assess their oral production through the given feedback by the

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