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Imagine you are in a concrete tank, the tank is twice the length of your body and you are alone, you have never been away from your family and there is no way you can escape the tank without assistance. So you try and cry out as loudly as you can and you bang your body against the concrete tank. Just for the chance that maybe they will let you out, and take you back to your home with your family, they give you food; but yet, they still keep you in this little tank. As the hours tick by, the more you want to be free, you feel lonely and frustrated as there’s not as much room to move as freely as you used to outside of this little concrete tank. This is only the beginning of an orcas life in captivity.

In captivity Their physical environment, which once consisted of the
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This means that the fin tissue gets less support than it would if the orca were in the wild, and it starts to fall over.

It is estimated that 150 orcas have been taken into captivity from the wild. 84% of all captive Orcas are now dead. There are currently 56 orcas held in captivity. Of those 23 were taken from the wild and 33 were born in captivity. they can be found in at least 12 marine parks spanning 8 different countries. Although most countries have now banned the capture of wild Orcas. The countries of China and Russia have yet to do so and as recent as last year Orcas have been taken from the wild into captivity.

Imagine you are in the cold ocean, you are free and can swim as far as your body can take you and as deep as you can hold your breath. Your family is with you the whole time and will never abandon you. Slapping the water with your fins, leaping out of the water and racing the waves is how you play. You feel happy and limitless as the world is your oyster and you can do with it as you please. This is the life of an Orca in the

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