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Q1. Research on Orchestra. i.Definition
The definition of orchestra is a large group of musicians who using musical instrument to perform a musical. There some of the musical instrument that play in the orchestra such as Violin, Jazz, Trumpet, and others. Basically orchestra will be held at the space in front of the stage in a modern theater. (Your Dictionary ©2017 by LoveToKnow Corp)

ii. Types of orchestra
Symphony orchestra
Symphony orchestra is a music group of 50 to 100 musicians. It was include string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. There are about 80 players to perform the musical. A modern orchestra may consist of 12 percussion instruments, 9 woodwind instruments, 50 to 60 string instruments and 10 brass instruments.In
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He knew which musical instrument and sounds that he wanted to accompany his opera Orfeo (1607),which he points out in his score. Monteverdi's "Renaissance Orchestra" was beginning to look like what we thought was a modern orchestra such as musical instrument organized section ,many variety and many bowstrings. With the passage of time, the violin family (violin, viola, cello and bass) was replaced by the violin family (early stringed instrument series) as the social practice changed.

In nineteenth century ,string become more major than ever before. There some of the families instrument such as brass, woodwind and percussion instruments became more advanced, make composer to write more difficult section, and keyboard instruments placed in the back seat. These composers begin to write more specific instrument, which means that the sound of the instrument and the detailed understanding of the function is essential.

The first violinist or concertmaster that led by the orchestra's performance ,but the orchestra become bigger and bigger, some of the musicians can't see and follow the concertmaster. This cause the conductor use baton to led the orchestra these day. At the beginning of the 19th century, some of the composer such as Felix Mendelssohn and Carl Maria von Weber has begin to stand on the podium and conduct from the middle and the
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