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The Oregon Trail was a very important aspect in the History of our country’s development. The trail was the only way to pass through the Rockies. Interestingly, many Americans saw a window of opportunity and Pioneers crammed themselves into a small wagons and traveled through the Rockies 10% of the pioneers died due to the accidents and diseases. Even though the journey was going to be tough and strenuous they seduced the opportunity they were given. The long travel along the Oregon Trail was a very long and strenuous experience. The trail stretch out to 2000 miles and it took the pioneers 2-6 months just to travel 12 to 16 miles per hour. The travelers usually traveled in large groups to help deal with obstacles that they stabled into along the way such as snow storms, thunder storms and rivers. All the travelers’ played an important part in order for survival. The men did the hunting and navigating.…show more content…
They also faced a couple of conflicts. Many travelers began to complain about the expensive toll charges the Native Americans had in order for them to cross their land. Out of 500,000 people to travel along the Oregon Trail fewer than 400 pioneers lost their lives due to attacks. Sadly the attacks became more frequently, but in order to reduce them. They made a treaty. It was called the Treaty of Fort Laramie. In this treaty the Native Americans claimed a territory and swore to o attack travelers. Also to allow the government to build roads. In return the U.S paid the Native Americans an annual fee and respected their boundaries. In conclusion, the Oregon Trail played a huge role in our history. If it wasn’t for the trail Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, Idaho, and Utah wouldn’t be a part of the U.S. today. In addition the relationship that was formed between the travelers and the Native Americans helped form how the U.S. was built

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