Essay On Organ Failure

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Organs are components of our bodies, built of tissues, to perform functions crucial to our

survival. Organs perform all of life’s processes; Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth,

Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition. Organs work together to support our body.

Organ failure occurs when an organ is unable to perform its functions partially or altogether.

Failure in one organ can cause other organs in the body to come under stress and restrict body

functions. In the long run organ failures can endanger a patient’s life. Multiple organ failure

occurs when two or more organs in the body fail. There are many reasons for organ failure and

each organ has its own reasons as related to its function. Some common reasons for organ

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At this point without

Haemodialysis there would be a buildup waste in the blood. According to “What Is Dialysis?

What Is Kidney Dialysis?” this buildup would soon lead to coma and then death if left untreated.

A machine used to perform Haemodialysis is a called a Dialysis machine. To use a dialysis

machine a tube is inserted into the bloodstream of a patient allowing blood to enter the machine.

As shown in Diagram 3, once in the machine the blood flows through tubes and into the dialyzer

composed of a semi-porous membrane which works similar to a glomerulus. Blood cells,

proteins and other large particles are prevented from passing though while waste products such

as urea and salts flow through and are absorbed by sterilised solution called dialysate and are

washed away. Dialysate is composed of acidified solution, bicarbonate and purified water. The

treated blood is then returned into the

bloodstream of the patient.

Although it might not seem so there are

many problems that arise when using a

dialysis machine to purify blood that

would not occur in kidneys. One
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