Human Organ Free Market: A Case Study

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Many would think that selling of organ is immoral without thinking the benefits it would bring. It is thought that selling of body parts is unacceptable in our society but it is, ironically, selling of blood, semen, eggs, and other body fluids is accepted. Of course, blood, semen, eggs, and other fluids are all part of our body so why does not the selling of organ be permissible. Establishing a human organ free market would save millions of lives. It is not new that thousands of people with organ failure dies because of shortage of organs resulted by minimal number of donors. Gregory (2011) posits that according to 1984 National Organ Transplantation Act, there are about a hundred thousand of patients needing kidney transplant and only one-fifth…show more content…
Black markets are the organ trades done illegally. These activities may vary from stealing organs through kidnapping to doing surgical operations without consent from the government. News is widespread all over the society about kids being kidnapped and their organs being sold, organs being forcefully extracted from innocent people, and performing operations by not licensed people in different parts of the world. According to World Health Organization, 20 percent of kidney transplants worldwide were done through black markets. (Clark, M & Clark, W, 2013). These people behind black markets are committing crime because organ selling is not legalized yet they are finding ways to operate organ selling. In this scenario, the sellers are at high risk of danger not only because the risky operation but also the security issues. For example, someone is in great need of money and a person from black market offers him a deal. It is not sure that the person is credible for performing operations so there is a high risk of acquiring diseases and other health problems after the operation. The risk of security is also not guaranteed for it is an illegal deal. So black markets threaten the safety of the

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