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Getting fresh with organic tea: 7 benefits

Organic tea

You’re looking for a drink that will be a real thirst quencher. At the same time, you want something to keep you healthy. Perhaps you’re also interested in the environment and in making a sustainable choice. If so, you’ll enjoy pouring yourself your choice of organic tea. Not only is tea delicious, it has massive health benefits too. Explore these seven reasons why you’ll benefit from a refreshing cup of organic tea:

Be toxin free

When choosing tea, it makes sense to go for the organic choice. Many pesticides have been banned because of their toxic effect on both the environment and the human body. Organic tea will ensure you don’t build up toxins within your system, increasing
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Vitamin H (or biotin) helps the metabolism. Biotin helps to keep the hair and skin healthy and promotes a healthy nervous system.

The vitamin D found in tea helps to strengthen bones and teeth, and reduces depression. Vitamin D is also known to reduce the risk of infectious diseases such as flu and reduces the risk of diabetes. People with depression or fibromyalgia often benefit from Vitamin D. A couple of cups of organic tea a day will help you with your daily requirements.

Be social

Many cultures have tea ceremonies, where pouring tea is an important afternoon ritual. Think of the Japanese, who see tea as an important and celebrated tradition. Or the English, with their afternoon tea and sandwiches or cake. Tea tastes great, but it is also an important ritual which can be enjoyed with friends.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, getting together for a family gathering, graduating or getting promoted, sharing a pot of tea increases the sense of celebration. Tea tastes great when combined with afternoon treats, and you can choose from a wide range of flavours. So when you’ve something to share, add a cup of organic tea, and make it an

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