Essay On Organizational Culture

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Organizational culture is a set of different value system which can help an organization to run itself and run a successful business Schhneider (1983). Organizational culture helps employees to understand the functioning of the organizations by sharing its norms, values and rules and regulation of organization (Deshpande and Webster, 1989). According to(Lok& Crawford, 2004) organizational culture has remarkable effect on employee’s commitment and performance. If the employees of the organization have more understanding with the organizational culture they will have more job Satisfaction (Chang and Lee, 2007). O’Reilly and Chatman’s (1996) defined organization culture is a setup of behavior, attitude and values. According to Hertzberg (1959) in his study job satisfaction is a part of employee job, if it affect positively it motivate employee to job satisfaction otherwise it leads to job dissatisfaction. Job satisfaction is emotional ability of employee related to positive and negative aspect of its job experiences Locke (1969). Environment of organization and employee’s personal traits can influence its job satisfaction…show more content…
If the culture is positive then the employees do not leave the job and will like to work with organization. If the organizational culture, is negative then it would cause the high rate of turnover. If the organizations look after he employees than the employees will definitely look after the organization to recognize the employee turnover problem there is a need to recognize that indeed we have turnover problem (Bill Pollock). There is much need to hire the people best suited to your organization (Brinkers& Philips, 1996). A Successful manager is the person who will help his employees to find satisfaction in their work, and “satisfaction” is important to an employee’s decision to stay or leave the organization (Buckingham and Coffman, 1999; Kreisman, 2002; Kaye and Jordan- Evans,
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