Essay On Origin Of Media

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Media • Origin, history and types The word ‘media’ is derived from the native Latin language. In English language the plural of media is ‘medium’. The origin of media goes back to the beginning of human interaction, and the evolution of mankind. However the origin of new media goes as far back as the invention of quill pen and ink writing. Some people also trace its invention from the era between 1835-1845. The word media is defined as the means of communication. In the present society where the world has become a global village media plays a vital role in communicating with the rest of the world and keeping ourselves up to date with them. In order to achieve this goal, media has further been divided into different forms; Types of Media:…show more content…
The word ‘democracy is a mixture of three languages; Latin, French and Greek. Account of democracy is drawn back from the Greek civilization. There are somewhat 16 countries in the world that follow the democratic system of government; Pakistan is also one of them. There is a very famous saying, “Whoever controls the media controls the mind.” -Jim Morrison Media as the fourth pillar: Media is the fourth pillar of a society and occupies more vital position in the democratic system of a state. Media plays a very significant role in modeling the society. The role of media has been defined very important since the 17th century and still holds a key role in shaping the opinion of its audience. Media plays a vital position in democratic setups and lays the basic ground work without which democracy is aimless. The role in democracy is equally important to that of a politician and should never be misjudged. The media can also play an anti-democratic role if not monitored properly. It
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