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Orpheus, Epic Hero What makes someone an epic hero? What makes them so special? Can you think of any epic heroes? It's not Spiderman... Not Batman... Think harder. Who is an epic hero? One epic hero that not many people can think of or consider a hero at all is Orpheus, God of Music. He has many reasons why they call him an epic hero. He is very brave, ethical, and talented hero. They call Orpheus an epic hero because he was a very brave person. He traveled to the underworld to save his loved one. He and Eurydice got married, but later that night she gets bitten by a snake and immediately gets sent to the Underworld. Overcome with grief, Orpheus travels to the Underworld to bring her back to life. He convinces Hades and Persephone to let Eurydice go, but her release comes with a catch. Eurydice must walk behind him as they ascend to the upper world, and Orpheus is forbidden from looking at her. Orpheus is not only a very brave hero but also a very ethical…show more content…
Other's say that his mother gave him the talent to play this instrument. Orpheus played the golden lyre. He started playing when he was just a little boy. He always loved the sound it made and how it made him feel. He would play it every day and would never get tired of it. Some say that, that by playing the golden lyre he made his wife fall in love with him. All these reasons where reasons why he was so talented but only he knows why he was so talented. Orpheus was an amazing epic hero that did many great stuff with his life. He was very brave because he traveled through the underworld to save his wife. He was ethical because he risked his life to save a loved one. And last but not least, he was very talented because he was born to play music. You could agree that he was an amazing music player, but when his wife died he never played again but while he played he was still an amazing music
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