Essay On Orthodontist Career

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I took multiple tests on my career cruising account, many of the tests came up with the same career options. I was surprised that many of the careers that matched my skills and traits were careers that I had never heard of. Careers such as post-secondary education specialist, and acupuncturist. One career stood out to me, this career is an Orthodontist, I believe that I would do extremely well in this career. Since taking these tests I have become interested in the Universities that offer the degree it takes to become an orthodontist.
I would like to become an orthodontist because I believe that after people go to the orthodontist to get braces, or oral surgery they feel better about their image. I also think that when you have straight teeth you look more professional to employers or
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Archeologists have found different materials on mummies from ancient Egypt that worked to straighten teeth. Pierre Fauchard, a dentist in 1738, was one of the first men to attach his name to the profession of orthodontics when he wrote a book that described the practice of using different tools to straighten teeth. There have been many different versions of braces throughout history, in the 1900’s the first metal braces were put into practice. These metal braces were improved throughout history. Even now there are new developments, such as invisible braces. These invisible braces are plastic molds of your teeth that are changed often to shift the alignment of your teeth. To become an orthodontist, I would need to get a (D.M.D.) or Doctor of Dental Medicine. To get this degree I would need to go through four years of college to get my bachelor’s degree, after that I would have to apply to get into a dental college. To get into a dental college I would need to pass the Dental Admission Test. After graduating Dental College I would need to complete specialty training to become an
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