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Is there a difference in the boring mechanism of different Osedax species and has the mechanism been consistent over time? Bioerosion is an important process in nature because it changes the present environment. Typically, it is used to describe the process of breaking down a hard substance in the ocean by a living ocean. The bioerosion of coral into small particles results in the fine sand that show up on our beaches. Different organisms use different mechanisms for removing the substrate. Parrotfish use well developed jaws to munch on coral and another organism has evolved a interesting mechanism to erode a different substrate for an interesting reason. Osedax is a genus of polychaete worms that live in the deep ocean. In the case of these worms, their name gives a lot of information about their mechanism for survival. Osedax is Latin in origin and means bone-eating. This description holds true because the worms bore into the bones of carcasses, usually whales, that find their way to the sea floor. The worms extract lipids from the bones to extract the…show more content…
Instead the researchers categorized the specimens by common morphological characteristics. Specimens were collected from off the coast of Japan that had a prominent yellow palp. The borings from these specimens were wider than they were deep. The borings started out as shallow flat chambers before branching off into individual portions. Another species found on cow bones in Monterery Canyon was identified by a nude palp. The borings found from these specimens had a narrow aperture. This species was unique and had small micro-tunnels that extended from the main chamber. This is probably a result of root tendrils that extend from the main structure. If this structure is true to the root morphology than this species should have a higher surface area to volume ratio than any other currently studied Osedax

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