Essay On Our Golden Age

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MIGRATING SCIENTISTS AND ACADEMICS ARE BOOSTING OUR GOLDEN AGE! Now, is one of the best times to be in our golden country. Right now we are seeing a surge of incredible dutch and non-dutch scientists, mathematicians and philosophers such as Leeuwenhoek, John Locke, Christian Huygens, and people like Descartes. The works and inventions of people like this are now essential in creating instruments that will advance our naval technology therefore boosting our trade thus boosting goldeness also making the Netherlands a place seen as a safe haven for all academics. These are the incredible stories of our people that decided to reside in the netherlands for different reasons but have changed our histories forever. CHRISTIAN HUYGENS -astronomer, musician, mathematician, scientist Huygens is at the head of our golden age. His discoveries alone and in cooperation other scientists such as Leeuwenhoek have helped our country much. Huygens grew up in the shadow of the great poet and composer Constantine Huygens. He grew…show more content…
We support ideas. We support free speech. We support progress. That is why we are in a golden age. We allow people like Locke to show their controversial but still valid ideas like the one about how Kings and Queens should not have complete rule over a country which Locke was persecuted for back in England and by making sure that all ideas are tolerated we are able to progress ourselves further than the other countries that restrict expression and discovery. Our tolerance allows book publishers to thrive and get all types ideas around Europe as well as making them dependent on us as their publishing house. By Europe depending on us for so many things and by them also seeing amazing inventions and discoveries being done in this country we are becoming golden to not only the people of our country but also the people of
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