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Enhancing the factors of the developing plan through taking advantage of Egypt high potentials and natural resources, so designers should follow the standers and regulations of the area while designing the outdoor spaces by using the diversity of the natural environment to create outdoor activities besides healing activities, to reach an integral tourist area having healing tourism as a main source supported by the characteristics of the surrounded environmental, by using the diversity of wildlife and unique species of plants in designing an outdoor natural reserve and prohibiting their hunting down so we can give the visitors an outside staying between the natural resources and healing elements, or by encouraging the entertainment outdoor activities like; restaurants, cafeterias, sitting areas, an open theater, green areas and play grounds for children that ensure the special characteristics of the area.
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Besides the accommodation places which is very important for the visitors as it has to be a continuing design for the outdoor environment and simulating it’s special characteristics, by using the same decoration, building or construction materials of the environment or other material that will not affect the surrounding natural resources negatively or make a disorder for the aesthetics of the design. Also raising awareness of healing environment is very important by knowing its benefits for the human health besides healing because it’s not only for therapeutic proposes, but it’s also for relaxation and enjoying nature through highlighting the regulations and instructions of dealing with these resources among local community, visitors, and tourists, as it is considered a very effective step in the developing
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