Essay On Outdoor Sports

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What can we gain from outdoor sports?
There are so many benefits from outdoor sports. Sports is a form of exercise that promotes well-being and wholesome physical development. One of my favorite sports is Taekwondo. Why? Because Taekwondo strengthens my body and improves my health through physical exercise and conditioning. You must experience the benefits of martial arts because it will help you to increase your abilities at self-defense. You should know how to protect yourself because it is dangerous nowadays especially at night. I noticed that some young people today are no longer active in sports so it’s sad to think that they do not care about their health. If you are active in sports you can become a scholar you can reduce your tuition fee and it will help your parents because they can save money especially when you have a sister who is also studying. So I encourage young people to participate in sports because it helps you. But you need to balance learning and sports you
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We all have the talent hidden away. They are often ashamed that they are sitting in the corner. For me if we are talking about health and grades you don’t need to be shy. Don’t be ashamed of what sports you will be in; instead you just need to be proud of it. I still remember the question that our coach told us “where can you bring your sport or where will the sport bring you?” as I said a while ago sports can bring you to different places as long as you will bring the sports with you. That’s why I really want to encourage the young people out there to deal with any kind of sports, each and every one of us has the own uniqueness you just need to show your hidden skill because if you deal with sports as young as you are you can improve your skills as early as now just always remember, nothing will going to lost if you try
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