Essay On Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

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Pod Cast Malcom Gladwell is author of Outliers The story of success. Gladwell speaks on success how circumstances may out come your success but that may not be that case. Tony Robbins a motivational speaker, author, and philanthropist. Robbins doesn’t see circumstances as a determined factor. He is a prime example of that.
In chapter one Gladwell talks of hockey, soccer, and basketball players. These sports all have secret advantage. In hokey and soccer the advantage is their birthdays, if someone was born on the first half year they would have months of practice compared to someone born on the last month of the year. For example Cristiano Ronaldo, who is one of the top soccer players in the world, was born February 5. In basketball …show more content…

Gladwell gives details about how a man wanted to become a high-end lawyer but could not because he did not have the right connections, so he opened up a small firm but never became big. What this man did not see was the connections or opportunity that he was giving to his kids. He son later became a high-end lawyer. I don’t see how that had so much to do with much. Robbins did not have any opportunity growing up. When he was 11, it as thanksgiving and his parents did not have no money to buy food. Someone heard about it and came to their home and gave them food, later that day his father left and never came back. He was also abused as a child. Robbins still became a successful entrepreneur. Gladwell has great evidence to show how people may become successful but I do not believe that may always be the case. I side more with Robbins he believe that success can be achieved by an internal Force, which is something we cannot see. That internal force will drive use to achieve that success that we want. Personally I could connect with Robbins and the pain and struggle he had. Dearing that pain I had to make a deliberate decision in how I wanted my life to turn

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