Essay On Becoming A Hurricane

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A disaster is anything that causes damages to something or takes one 's life. Most disasters can be avoided, like car accidents, spills, injuries and so on. Natural disasters on the other hand, con not be avoided but prepared for. Many Puerto Ricans were affected by a disaster than cannot be avoided, a hurricane. The island of Puerto Rico faced a category 4 hurricane that demolished many houses and destroyed much of our wildlife. Thousands of Puerto Ricans faced consequences of the hurricane and are still in recovery. Now I will tell my journey of overcoming hurricane Maria. Once we got hurricane warnings, we went to grocery stores and bought food that can be eaten and prepared without electricity because we knew we were going to be without electricity for some time. We also bought a power generator to provide electricity after the hurricane. We went outside and picked up anything…show more content…
Having to wait in line for so much time created a lot of chaos. A couple of people got beaten up for cutting line and many people lost their gasoline containers because thieves stole them. With many houses without security due to the lack of electricity, it was easy for the theifs to rob houses. Another reason why the aftermath of the hurricane is difficult is because we had no communication with our family members and we did not know if they were safe unless we drive to there houses. Although the aftermath of the hurricane was the most difficult, it definitely had some pros to it, for example, I met a lot of people to hang out with that I did not know that live so close to me. In all honesty, I believe that the hurricane did more good to Puerto Rico than bad. The people became more close and neighbors help each other in order to survive, electricity poles were replaced, it teached all of us Puerto Ricans how to activate “survival mode” , and it gave us a story to tell our younger
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