Essay On Overcoming A Hurricane

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A disaster is anything that causes damages to something or takes one 's life. Most disasters can be avoided, like car accidents, spills, injuries and so on. Natural disasters on the other hand, con not be avoided but prepared for. Many Puerto Ricans were affected by a disaster than cannot be avoided, a hurricane. The island of Puerto Rico faced a category 4 hurricane that demolished many houses and destroyed much of our wildlife. Thousands of Puerto Ricans faced consequences of the hurricane and are still in recovery. Now I will tell my journey of overcoming hurricane Maria. Once we got hurricane warnings, we went to grocery stores and bought food that can be eaten and prepared without electricity because we knew we were going to be without…show more content…
We went outside and picked up anything that can go flying and do even more damage to someone else 's house or our own. During the hurricane, me and my parents were taking water out of the house with towels. We were also constantly checking for parts of the houses that may be dripping water. After a couple of hours of drying the floor with towels me and my family ate MREs. When we finished eating me and my parents continued to dry the floor. Somehow, water kept getting inside the house. I went around the house looking for spots that water was leaking from. I got some tiles and placed them so that the water would keep running to the grass and not in the concrete. When it stopped raining and the sun is partially out, we moved everything that we had secured when the hurricane was approaching us. Then we kept drying the floor and cleaning the house. After…show more content…
Another advice is to remain calm and not panic. Remaining calm will allow you to think more efficient in some situations. If my parents had panicked when we ran out of buckets of water, we might have not taught of using the pool outside our house to take a shower. Another tip that will save you a lot of time is getting gas. Going to the gas station before the hurricane will help because you will not have to do 5 or 8 hour lines just to get gas. Since there are many people that started work and needed gas, everyone rushed to the gas station and made humongous lines of cars and created a lot of traffic. With those tips given, I will not talk about the aftermath of the

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