Essay On Overcoming Challenges

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HOW DO YOU OVERCOME CHALLENGES? This is the most frequent question that all of the people may ask us. Our world is full with challenges. Challenges are necessary to improve our skills and polish up our talents. It also help us to become a successful individual in whatever situation that we are involved. We always need to overcome the challenges before we achieve our target or goals. Setting the goal or target is the first step. However, before we move to the next step which is achieve the goal or target, it shall have different challenges waiting for us to face. Some of the people may scare to fail in the challenge will not to face it. But some of it may dare to try the overcome the challenges even though it may fail. But the most importance…show more content…
Pain is the word that all of us hate is so much. When we were in a very small age, it is common to fall down and cry. (EssayForum, 2016) This is because there was just a slightly pain when we were just a child. However, we will feel more painful in the future when we growth up later. This is because when we growth up, there are still have many various type of challenges waiting for us. Pain divided into two type which is physical pain and mental pain. Physical pain is what we feel outside. (EssayForum, 2016) It is temporary and we learn from it. (EssayForum, 2016) The most importance is the mental pain since it can keep us thinking. Pain is everlasting feeling and we are unable to change it even though we like or hate it. If we can defeat pain, we will be getting stronger in our future. But still have a lot of people give up without attempt the pain. It is okay to feel pain because pain is a part of our journey of evolution. So it is okay to feel it because it's an indispensable step in our path. By feeling the pain and try to defeat , it will make us to become more brave in our life in future so that we will gain more benefit which not to take everything into the heart and just learn from
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