Essay On Overcoming Debt In Healthcare

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Healthcare Administrator Positive Outlook on Overcoming Debt Millions of Americans are uninsured from the very young to the elderly leaving them more vulnerable to sickness and disease that may have been prevented if they had regular health screenings covered by insurance. Uninsured Americans are not going into clinics or hospitals until it is to late and their symptoms have become acute, because of their fear of having to pay medical bills that they are unable to afford. These individuals do not have the means to go and seek preventative care as insured individuals would be seen for leaving them more vulnerable to emergency room visits to address their health concerns. Under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) patients who come into a healthcare facility have the right to receive medical attention for acute symptoms without being turned away due to their inability to pay for treatment. This epidemic of healthcare facilities treating uninsured patients has financially burdened hospitals and left them with increasing financial debt. An analysis of the financial challenges that healthcare administrators face in America are the rising costs of uninsured patients and Medicare/ Medicaid reimbursement debt that continue to have negative affect on the budget of the healthcare facility. As a healthcare administrator it is prudent…show more content…
Medicare and Medicaid have been expanded to families unable to afford insurance. This expansion will help hospitals in enrolling patients in these insurance programs helping to cover more of the out of pocket costs patients may not have been able to pay leaving hospitals with the unpaid debt. There are stipulations that hospitals will have to follow in order to be reimbursed for the care provided so they are not under paid as so many hospitals have stated in the
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