Overprotective Parenting

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Parents, probably the worst people in the world to kids. Some parents are worse than some may think, and hopefully they don’t have something called a “helicopter parent”. A helicopter parent is another word for being overprotective. They refer to their parenting style as a helicopter because they are constantly hovering over their kids making sure they never get hurt or never have to deal with failure nor problems. It is an issue around the world that is growing everyday. Being a victim of a overprotective parent can affect a kid in the long run with no social skills, depression, and anxiety. Millenials are more likely to have these type of parents because they are a part of this generation of new parenting styles. Parents should not hover…show more content…
Acute stress on the other hand, is good for our brains. “It's a short burst of stress, then it's done. Many forms of play, especially physical play, involve some level of acute stress. Sports, video games, and other competitions and contests are strong inducers of acute stress. That's part of why we enjoy them. Evidence is mounting that acute stress is not just fun, but beneficial, even necessary for childhood”(Lents). An example is they did a study on rats, showing that acute stress had positive outcomes on their brains. It also explains that rats that were more isolated had bad social skills and weren’t able to engage very well. Parents may think they are seeking the best for their kids, but they are really breaking them…show more content…
They are interrupting their kids lives and picking up their messes in life for them. “They hover from the prospective admissions stage to graduation and the job market beyond – contacting presidents of universities, deans, and professors, disputing their child’s grade; requesting an extension for their child; complaining their child does not receive as much praise as the parent would like; completing assignments for their child; requesting notification of grades their child received; and even attending job fairs and interviews with their child” (Vinson). According to this Vinson, this is too far for parents to go, they have crossed the line. These actions can interrupt children's learning and upset the school board. This isn’t the best interest for your
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