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This essay will be investigating the extent to which people must reduce overfishing in order to preserve animal populations. Overfishing can be defined as ‘the catching of too many fish resulting in the deterioration of marine biodiversity and food systems, as fish populations decline.’

This essay will overlay the perspectives of Hong Kong, the perspective of Japan, and finally the significance of overfishing on me and my family.
Overfishing is a very important discussion because it has become a global issue, resulting in collapse of the entire marine ecosystem. Fish is also one of the main sources of food around the world. The collapse of the marine ecosystem would result in the a massive amount of loss in fish stocks, resulting in the loss of business and the starvation of many people around the world that rely on fish as their major supply of food. (The main cause of overfishing is large fishing companies
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Populations of these animals either increase dramatically or decrease dramatically, e.g. the crabs that would eat these fish in 1992 had their populations increase suddenly, due to the loss of their main predator, whereas shark numbers and other predators of the fish would decrease due to lack of food. As a result, these animals will hunt other fish and decrease the population and etc, resulting in a mass increase and decrease of populations in the ocean.

Some major issues surrounding overfishing are environmental sustainability, unemployment and economic loss. The questions that the issue of overfishing poses are ‘do the benefits of overfishing outweigh the disadvantages?’ or ‘how can people change the method of catch in order to provide enough food for people whilst preserving populations?’

National/Local Perspective in Hong

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