Essay On Overpopulated Class

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Overpopulated Class:
A Menace towards Concrete Learning Outcomes and Student Achievement.

Earning a degree and applying the knowledge learned in college are some of the motivations that drive students to finish their chosen course. Each year, a great population has been expected to enter college because of the numerous high school grads across Negros Oriental. However, unforeseen circumstances are being encountered by most of our college students nowadays. Coping up with the demands of the subject course, catching up with the deadlines of submission, and more at a day might result to students’ poor performance in school. On the other hand, instructors and professors find it hard to accommodate a large class size in less than two hours. This
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This implies that holding a few number of students in a classroom would increase students’ motivation and participation. Otherwise, students may be facing circumstances from both internal and external forces. Environmental factors include the area occupied by the students. This situation probably leads to cleanliness problems, lack of ventilation and the rise of cheating instances inside the classroom. Another factor that affects the performance of the student s due to biological factors. This involves disabilities, disorders and among others. Like in the case of visually impaired students, they find it hard to keep up with what the others are doing. They also encounter problems in grouping activities. Students with disabilities felt isolated from their classmates (Sundaram, 2011). To solve the issue, teachers themselves should execute more effort and time just to aid students to cope up with the demands of the subjects. However, there are some students having the attitude of not involving themselves in classroom activity. Aloof students remain to be aloof since the teacher will reach out to

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