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Every corner of India is a clear display of increasing population. Whether you are at metro station, airport, railway station, highway, bus stop, hospital, malls, temple, or social gathering, we all see these places are overcrowded at any time of the day. This a clear indication of overpopulation in the country. According to 2011 Indian census, the population of India was 1,210,193,422 which was well above 1-billion mark []. This makes India the second most populous country in the world after China. It is predicted that India will surpass China by year 2025[]. Inspite of the fact that the population polices, family planning and welfare programmes undertaken by the Govt. of India have led decrease in the fertility rate, yet the actual stabilisation…show more content…
The birth rate is still higher than the death rate. We have been successful in declining the death rate but the same cannot be said for birth rate. 2. The fertility rate is still high despite of the population policies and other measures especially when compared to other countries. Social issues in our country are related to above causes and are leading to overpopulation. 1. Early marriage and Universal marriage system: Even though legally the marriageable age of a girl is 18 year, the concept of early marriage still exists and getting married at a young age prolongs the child bearing age. Also in India, marriage is a sacred obligation and a universal practice, where almost every woman is married at the reproductive age. 2. Poverty and Illiteracy: Another factor for the rapid growth of population is poverty. Impoverished families have this notion that if no. of members will be more income. Some feel more children are needed to look after them in their old age. Also hunger can be cause some children to die hence more the number of children more chances of some of them living. Strange but true, India still lag behind the use contraceptives and other birth control method. Many of them are not willing to discuss or are not aware of them. Illiteracy is thus another cause of

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